How soon will I receive my artwork?

Your artwork(s) will be shipped to you as quickly as possible!  Normally within 1-3 weeks.

After a work is painted it goes through an extensive documentation and forgery prevention process.  Michael adds authentication markers, such as 23-kt gold infused into the work in an impossible to duplicate pattern, and he also takes many photos of the front, back, signature, and hand print.

The photos, along with other information such as where and when it was created, for whom or what purpose it was created, photos or video from the event it was created at, news clipping associated with the art or event, and more, are recorded into 3 separate art registries before a certificate of authenticity is issued.

If you’ve purchased a custom work, studio work, or mixed media work it might have to be made to order and might take a bit longer. 

How will my large canvas artwork be delivered?

The large canvasses, whether performed live or created in studio, are painted on heavy weight double primed canvas, wrapped on a 42″x64″ strong and lightweight composite mounting board. Delivery is available rolled in a tube without the mounting board or flat in a crate on the mounting board.

Delivery fee includes the registration and  issuance of a certificate of authenticity, packaging, carrier fees, and replacement or repair if an artwork is lost, stolen, or damaged prior to delivery.

Delivery Options

  1.  The most economical way to receive your artwork is unmounted, rolled, and shipped in a tube ready for mounting for $95
  2.  As a courtesy, Michael saves collectors about $1,000 over white glove art delivery companies such as Gander & White (who charge upwards of $1,500). So you have the option to have your canvas delivered flat in a custom crate, wrapped on its performance mount, and ready to hang with both flush and floating wall mounts for only $495.

What is the best way to display my new large canvas masterpiece?

Displaying Your Artwork is entirely up to you!

Some collectors have literally nailed only the canvas to the wall for an industrial look, others have had theirs ornamentally framed, and institutions such as hospitals and museums display theirs behind plexiglass in high traffic areas; there are many options. 

For authenticity, and a great story, most collectors believe it is best that the canvas be on its performance mount, and especially love the unique floating mount that “floats” the artwork out from the wall for a truly unique and conversational look (right-most picture displayed).

How will my mixed media artwork be delivered and how do I display it?

Mixed media original artworks are Giclee prints on archival paper that the artist paints over in places using the same paint and color scheme as his performance, making each a unique one-of-a-kind original.

Delivery fee includes a certificate of authenticity, packaging, carrier fees, and replacement or repair if an artwork is lost, stolen, or damaged prior to delivery.

Delivery Options 

  1.  Shipped rolled in a tube for $25, ready for framing
  2.  Shipped flat with a backing board in a crystal clear bag inside a special artwork shipping box for $85, ready for framing

Displaying Your Artwork

Mixed media original artworks on archival paper require a frame with glass or plexiglass which is not included. Frames can be purchased from or with prices starting around $25 or you can have your masterpiece custom framed by a frame shop.

Can my artwork be held until my new place is ready?

Michael gets this request a lot, and can hold your artwork for up to 90-days without any fee, after which there will be a modest charge for space and insurance. His studio is not a gallery and is not setup to store artwork for numerous people.

Should I insure my artwork?

Insuring your art is up to you. One of Michael’s collectors lost their artwork when his home burned down and the insurance company paid him nearly 10x the price he originally paid for the artwork.

Your artwork can never be exactly replaced, however, to help collectors regarding replacement costs, each certificate of authenticity has the studio retail price to make a new version of your artwork on the date the certificate was issued. It is always a good idea to check with Michael’s studio to see if prices have changed.

Do I get a charitable tax deduction if I purchased my art from a charity?

We are not tax authorities but it is our understanding that you can write-off the difference between the market value of what you purchase and the amount you pay a charity provided the market value is less than what you paid. A tax deduction may also depend on other factors such as your other deductions and AGI. It is always best to check with a tax professional.

You should hang onto the receipt detailing the amount you paid, and Michael’s studio can quote replacement cost, however, the IRS will not consider market value appraisals made by the artist or the seller, as both have vested interests in the artwork’s value. A market value appraisal should be done by a qualified third party appraiser to be considered “Arms Length.”

Has Michael's art increased in value of the years?

YES! Many years ago, you could have purchased a Michael Israel original artwork for only $3. His artwork has since sold for $250,000 for a single canvas, and as mentioned in the insurance question above, insurance has already paid out 10X the purchase price for a Michael Israel artwork that was destroyed in a fire.

As Michael will be retiring in the coming years, many believe now is the time to acquire and hold his artwork!

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